Tuesday, 23 July 2013

No money online

  Yes you read correctly!!! earn no money online . Why??? You cannot make money online if you do these things .This blog is all about the mistakes that one makes while trying to make money online especially the newbies and what to do to escape from them.

See all the points below and recognise if you are also doing the same to make money online.

1. Excitement : This is the first that all are about to do. We are very much excited to make money online that we feel that making money online is a very easy task and we will make money in a jiffy(short period of time) but make sure that it is not very simple that we all think and how we interpret it would be because what all happens is that our excitement make us down means we fly in the air and all of a sudden we fall on the ground when we face the reality.The reality is very much different from our thinking process. Nobody is ready to give you money very easily without taking any effort from your side.

2.No knowledge: Most of us have no knowledge about any skill .What happens is that we think that our knowledge is enough to fetch an online paid working job but alas it is not because any job online requires some or the other skill it may be anything that you are interested in or you are doing it on a major basis but the thing is that you must be skilled in that whatsoever field your talent is .Next step is that you have to give it a shape and find the perfect place for it to grow .Remember that you will only be paid if you have skill or talent and to develop any skill takes time.

3.Fear:All of us have the experience of this word fear and very much familiar with it's consequences. It is the fear that makes us nobody from somebody.It is the fear that make us feel low and eventually makes us melt down by like a cube of ice which  is exposed to a high temperature.The other part of the fear is that it leads us to procastination (to postpone or delay needlessly).

4.Attracted towards ads:This is also common to all and everybody at first get attracted towards ads and think that all these ads are genuine so we see these ads with curiosity  and at the end find that these are legit but some of them really are but the thing is that you must be know that money making online is not an overnight job so click on those ads which don't promise you to become a millionaire in one night or they say that you can earn while sleeping.The point here is that make sure things like these don't exist and at the other hand some in some people are lucky enough that they win by draws but not always it generally happens once in the life time.

5.Estimation:We see the ads and estimate that this is it I have done it!!! I have founded an online job which will pay me so and so and will start making money online with this I am now the happiest person in this world!!! .Sorry to interrupt in your happiness but soon you will realise that you were wrong because the ads don't mention that you have to qualify for that and selection will be made on the merit basis. So remember that don't trust until you receive money that the site is legit

6.Getting bored: At the end when you become aware of all the facts and when you try too much and find the same result again and again .The voice you hear is that making money online will never happen to me and these thoughts only derenged you and come up to you as an hurdle in this never ending path of money making(never ending because money making is like a journey).So be patient in this because it takes so much time even to get started .Make sure that you don't leave this in between who knows you will get something today only so keep trying if you fail then also make an another attempt to be successful .


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